DigestivePRO + DailyPRO


Hind gut support and body conditioner.


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Promotes relaxation and reduces hyperactivity. Helps nervous, high-strung, or muscle-tight horses.

DigestivePRO helps re-flourish bacteria to ensure healthy digestion. DigestivePRO is superior to other probiotics because it has a larger colony county per serving, microencapsulated bacteria for easier absorption, viable yeast cells and supplemental enzymes. Consider using DigestivePRO for:

  • Colic prevention
  • After medications or deworming
  • During travel & stressful situations

Use to maintain superior health and condition in horses of all ages.

A concentrated vitamin/mineral supplement for all classes of horses, designed to keep horses in TOP condition. Quite possibly the world’s best daily equine vitamin and mineral supplement.

Guaranteed AnalysisPer lbPer 3 oz Serving
Protein (min)10.00%8.5 g
Fat (min)1.00%0.85 g
Fiber (max)14.00%11.5 g
Calcium (min)2.50%2 g
Calcium (max)3.50%3 g
Phosphorus (min)2.60%2.2 g
Salt (min)None Added
Sodium (min)0.75%0.6 g
Sodium (max)1.25%1 g
Potassium (min)1.00%0.85 g
Magnesium (min)0.80%0.6 g
Copper (min)110 ppm9 mg
Zinc (min)635 ppm54 mg
Manganese (min)400 ppm34 mg
Iron (min)1,650 ppm140 mg
Vitamin A (min)270,000 IU50,625 IU
Vitamin D (min)47,000 IU8,800 IU
Vitamin E (min)260 IU45 IU
Riboflavin (min)212 mg40 mg
*Choline (min)1,465 mg275 mg
*Niacin (min)1,320 mg247 mg
*d-Pantothenic Acid (min)152 mg28 mg
*Vitamin B6 (min)33 mg6 mg
*Folic Acid (min)6 mg1.1 mg
*Vitamin B12 (min)2 mg0.375 mg
Lactobacillus acidophilus5.8 Billion CFU/lb1.09 Billion CFU/serving
Enterococcus faecium4.0 Billion CFU/lb760 Million CFU/serving
Saccharomyces cerevisiae10.52 Billion CFU/lb1.97 Billion CFU/serving
*not recognized as essential nutrients by the AAFCO Equine Nutrient Profiles
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

28-Day Supply (Daily Packs)


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